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Our Atacama Desert Front ATV/UTV Tire

This A001 Ocelot Atacama tire is a uniquely aggressive tire for multiple forms of extreme terrain which handles with great precision when steering, breaking or under hard acceleration. With many tire choices you are forced to compromise, but not with the Atacama. Here you have a tire which excels in mud, sand, rocks and on hardpack surfaces. Built with 6-ply bias construction making a light weight yet highly durable. This tire is similar to the CST Clincher or Sedona Rip Saw.

  • 6 ply rated quad/side-by-side utility tire

  • Lightweight construction provides easy steering with rapid breaking and acceleration

  • Non-directional tread pattern designed for all conditions

  • Great for all terrain, from soft to hard pack, mud, sand, and rocks

  • Wrap around shoulder lugs give extra traction when cornering

  • Shoulder lugs protect sidewall from rugged terrain

  • This quad/side-by-side utility tire is tubeless

Part Number
Tire Size
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size
25 x 8 - 12
6 Ply
Part Number
Bolt Pattern
Set of 16
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