Our P348 Front ATV Tire

The  Ocelot P348 ATV tires have a tread pattern that mimics the Maxxis RAZR  Balance tires. These tires offer good weight to performance ratio to  provide exceptional handling characteristics. The P348 tires are good  for a variety of conditions but excel in soft to hard pack terrain. A  unique lug design is incorporated onto the side of the tire profile for  enhanced traction in ruts or soft, silty terrain. These tires have a  Durometer (hardness) rating of about 73A-76A.

  • Directional tread quad front sport tire with 15mm tread depth

  • Good weight to performance ratio provides exceptional handling characteristics

  • Enhanced lug depth design provides better braking control

  • Dynamic tread pattern for precise steering on soft to hard pack conditions

  • Unique lug design incorporated onto the side of the tire profile for enhanced traction in ruts or soft, silty terrain

  • Good performance on any type of cross country terrain

  • Specifically manufactured for Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) racing

  • Compare to Maxxis RAZR Balance tires

  • These tires have a Durometer (hardness) rating of about 73A-76A

  • This quad sport tire is tubeless

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